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I started Employment & Civil Rights Legal Services after practicing employment law for several years with one of Indiana’s largest Plaintiffs employment law firms.  During my time with that firm, I noticed that clients came to the firm based because of their contact with one of the partners in that firm, but that, once the contract was signed, the client had almost no contact with that partner.  Instead, the work on the case was done primarily by the associates at the firm – including me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we associates weren’t good lawyers, but we couldn’t always do what we thought was best for the client if the partner on the case disagreed.  Also, it wasn’t unusual to have what Strother Martin referred to in “Cool Hand Luke” as “a failure to communicate.”  Finally, I realized that economic considerations often played a major role in determining how a case would be tried.  Frankly, I don’t think that’s what people expect when they go to a lawyer about a problem with their job – or anything else for that matter. That’s why I started Employment & Civil Rights Legal Services.  It’s a small firm, and as a client, you’ll always be dealing directly with the same attorney you first dealt with – me. Because we will work together from the beginning, we’ll be more likely to avoid those “failures to communicate.”  What’s more, although I can’t tell you that economics won’t play a part in how your case is tried, I can tell you that I will make sure you know – before we start – what the financial demands of the case will be, what the financial ramifications will be, win or lose, and what options are available to accomplish your goals and objectives within your financial means.