Helping Hoosiers protect their civil rights -- at work, in school, and thoughout the community

Employment Law Discrimination, Harassment & Hostile Work Environment 
(based on race, sex, national origin, age, religion, disability, etc.) Retaliation (Title VII, ADA, FLSA, ADEA, Workers Comp, etc.) Disabilities Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation
Family and Medical Leave Act (“FLMA”) Minimum Wage, Overtime and Unpaid Wage Cases
(FLSA, Indiana Wage Payment and Wage Claim Acts) Federal Employee Disciplinary & Discrimination Hearings & Appeals (MSPB/EEOC)
Unemployment Compensation Hearings & Appeals Professional Licensing (Medical/Nursing, etc.) Teacher Licensing & Disciplinary Hearings Wrongful Termination & Blacklisting Contracts, Severance & Non-Compete Agreements
Freedom Speech/Religious Freedom Discrimination, Harassment & Hostile Environment Police/Government Misconduct

False Arrest/Imprisonment