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Jay Meisenhelder isn't afraid to stand up to corporations or government entities for the rights of Indiana residents. He will fight for fair treatment and compensation for all employees.

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Fighting For Your Rights As An Employee And An American

When you bring up a labor issue with a business or a corporation, it can be intimidating. They may threaten to fire you or warn that you will get in trouble. If you do get punished for these things, you may have been a target of wrongful termination. You deserve to assert your rights as an employee.

At Jay Meisenhelder Employment & Civil Rights Legal Services, P.C., we only represent employees. This means you can be assured there will never be a conflict of interest for our attorney and any employee case. Our Indianapolis firm believes that all workers deserve fair treatment and will fight to make sure they get it.

Experienced Defense Paired With An Individualized Strategy

Our founder, Jay Meisenhelder, worked as a prosecutor for several years before founding Jay Meisenhelder Employment & Civil Rights Legal Services, P.C. His experience at a large corporate firm made him understand what was important to clients and how hard it can be to get face time at bigger law offices.

This is why he works personally with every client. He understands people want their lawyer to be available and works hard to ensure he is just that. This also means he is able to personally assess each case and give an assessment as to what outcomes are possible and the options available. You can make a decision confident that all options have been discussed about what will be best for you, your family and your career.

Help When You Need It Most

Fair treatment should apply to everyone. Unfortunately, on the job and off, sometimes this isn't the case, and when that happens you need someone there to help. We will take the fight to corporations, businesses and anywhere else to ensure your rights are upheld. Our firm believes everyone deserves just treatment and to have their basic rights protected.

We understand how hard it can be to speak up, the pressure to keep a job and how employers use this to undercut workers' rights. Don't let it happen to you. Call our office now at 317-643-7067 to schedule a consultation. Alternatively, email us to set up a time that works best to discuss the specifics of your issue.


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