Standing Up For Your Constitutional Rights

Part of being an American means the right to say and do what you like as long as it isn’t harming others. When these rights are encroached, you need an attorney who appreciates the importance of defending your rights.

Jay Meisenhelder, the founder of Jay Meisenhelder Employment & Civil Rights Legal Services, P. C., believes civil rights and free speech are two pillars of our country. He tirelessly advocates for Indiana residents who have seen those rights violated.

Standing Up For You Against All Kinds Of Rights Violations

At our Indianapolis office we handle cases involving:

  • First Amendment violations/freedom of speech
  • Religious discrimination
  • Police misconduct
  • False arrests
  • Blacklisting

We understand that a strong defense makes all the difference when battling an infringement on someone’s civil rights. These rights are the foundation of our country, and must be protected.

Skilled Representation With A Personal Style

Our lawyer meets individually with all clients to ensure they understand the options available for their case. We understand the difficulty you face when dealing with these kinds of issues, and treat every case accordingly.

You speak directly with your attorney, to determine the best course of action and how to approach your situation. We make sure everyone has realistic expectations and knows what to anticipate before going through with any type of trial.

We believe in fighting for people’s rights, and it shows in our work. Our personalized approach to each case helps clients make informed decisions as to what is best for them, their career and their family. We examine each case and all potential outcomes to give people confidence that they are making an informed decision.

Helping Hoosiers Protect Their Civil Rights In Challenging Situations

If you feel someone has threatened your civil rights, talk to us today. We can help you understand the options available. Call us today at 317-643-7067, or send an email our way.