Passionate Advocacy For Employee And Civil Rights With A Personal Touch

Jay Meisenhelder Employment & Civil Rights Legal Services, P. C., works throughout Indiana to protect the rights of employees and residents in general. We believe that every worker deserves fair treatment and compensation, and we fight to preserve these rights.

Our founder, Jay Meisenhelder, knows that working alongside your lawyer is important to get the full scope of your case as well as the best understanding of the circumstances. He understands the importance of protecting a person’s rights, including civil rights and free speech rights, whether work-related or not.

We get that a work conflict is a stressful event. This is why our attorney personally meets with each client to determine the available options. At our Indianapolis office we try our best to ensure every client understands their case and what their options are.

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An Experienced Defender Of Employee And Civil Rights

With years of experience as a plaintiff employment lawyer at a premier employment law firm, Jay Meisenhelder knows what it takes to build a strong case. He uses this experience to hold companies and corporations accountable to their employees.

Our firm will take on businesses of any size in pursuit of justice for an employee. Our fearless approach ensures that no case is off-limits, and our commitment to only representing employees means that you know whose side we stand on. We will never have a conflict of interest because we will not represent corporations.

Helping Hoosiers Protect Their Personal Rights In Challenging Situations

Call us today at 317-643-7067 to talk about your options, or email us when it’s convenient. We are on your side.